Thursday, 10 August 2006

God is the Chain Maker

Each person is a carefully and intricately constructed piece of jewellery. That by its very nature shows what an artistic and skilled God we have.

Precious and unique each man’s life can be compared to a necklace. Even though many parts are involved there is rhyme and purpose to the overall piece.

Although each of our lives are a complete design on our own, we too are intrinsically a part of every other person we come in contact with, share our lives with and have influence on. We have opportunity to beautify links in their complete chain.

Either directly or indirectly God forms our lives by placing together different links to make a whole. He is the chain maker. The chain is as beautiful or simple in direct contrast to our obedience to His Word and voice.

(c) Ruth Ellen Pirini August 2006

Thursday, 26 January 2006


Helping others is a friendly deed,
That we should do each day
By seeing other friends in need
And helping them on their way.

Compassion is also a thing we all must learn,
If we see aa hurt or lonely person,
And our heart for them does yearn,
Then we should get up and do what needs to be done.

Character is being what we are,
Without fear of what others will think,
Sticking out even if what we do is rare,
And knowing God will help us then all our doubts will sink.

(c) Ruth-Ellen Miller 1995

Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Blurred Vision

The window is smeary the vision is blurred, things out there look so absurd
It wasnt like that awhile ago, life was so sweet but it's as though the last shower bought a horrible blow.

Although things do look cleaner, its a nice shiny look, in fact I almost prefer that, apart from the what the mess took.

I have no idea what happened, I saw nothing coming, the weather was unexpected and hit like a storm.

The damage has been done, the feelings are hurt, it might take a while for the next growth spurt.

But life carries on, Im alive on this planet, but why does all this happen to me damn it.

Is there poo on my beard, am I to blame, do others have problems seeing in the rain. I suppose it falls on the good and the bad, butI hate the wet, it scares me to death and it seems to always bring me regret.

I sux at weathering the storm, but maybe, just maybe courage needs to be born, to look the storm right in the eye, stand up and be counted, be prepared to die.

Cos if it aint fighting for, its worth nothing at all, so give it your best shot, even if its down to a crawl. At least you are moving, and not going back cos then it cant be said, it's courage you lack.

Although it is dark now, the morning will come, and then you will wonder what made you so glum.

(c) Ruth Ellen Pirini November 2004